Farm Products

Grass-fed/Grass-finished & Grass-fed/Grain-finished Beef

Bulk purchases: whole, half, quarter- see How To Buy



Bulk Purchases: whole, half – see How To Buy


Pastured Eggs

Our chickens are pasture raised and produce eggs with deep yellow yolks. The flavor is unsurpassed!

Raw Honey

We harvest honey from our bee hives and from other local apiaries. Our honey is nothing like commercial honey! It is used by those who want raw local honey for allergies, as well as by those of us who just like its extraordinary taste.

Sheepskin Fleeces

Our sheepskin fleeces are machine washable. They are outstanding for babies, adults, and everyone in between! They are helpful for those who sit for long periods of time, whether car seat, computer chair or wheel chair. They are known to help provide comfort for those with pain and for those confined to bed.