Croftburn Farm is a family owned and operated business, dedicated to raising Black Angus cattle and sheep, and growing grass. We practice holistic management farming techniques as we feel it is better for the animals, the soils, and the environment. We do not use hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. And we adhere to the Humane Standards of Treatment of the animals.

Croftburn Farm has both grass-finished and grain-finished beef, as we have a large customer base for the different products. We sell custom- cut, dry-aged beef and lamb. Individual cuts are available at CROFTBURN MARKET.

As a family, we are committed to sustainable agriculture, production of local foods, and the family farm.



Three generations are involved in our farming operation. Laura Campbell ran the farm for 30 + years. Meg has recently taken over the daily operation, including grazing management and finishing the beef. In 2011, Andrew opened CROFTBURN MARKET, a butcher shop and gourmet food market, to sell our meat and other local foods, as well as his hand-crafted sausages and charcuterie.



Croftburn Farm practices sustainable and holistic agriculture. We promote our grasslands, protect our water sources, and produce healthy, self-sufficient animals.

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